ProFollica Review

My ProFollica Review

My ProFollica Review

I have been losing my hair since I was 32 years old and have tried everything from prescription medication (Don’t do it) to the different snake oils on the market today.

I have been monitoring my success and have put together a detailed ProFollica Review of the key thing you should know before you buy.

Wait! Before you go directly to the Official site please take time to read my ProFollica review, you be glad you did.

First of all there is a new formula used in the topical activator that contains anew ingredient called Trichogen which has been proven to remove DHT build up at the hair follicle. Read More…


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A Truthful ProFollica Review

ProFollica Review

ProFollica Review

First thing I have to tell you is that there are many “ProFollica Reviews” out there that see very bias and not too truthful. I’m going to explain all the good points and the bad points in my review because I was losing my hair and it’s scary for those of us with thinning hair and like you I want to know what really works.

As mentioned earlier I tried prescription medication (Propecia) which scared the hell out of me with the side effects. I also tried other products like the popular Provillus and Rogaine just to name a few. The Provillus does have all natural pills but the topical burned my scalp and I had increased hair fall which again scared the hell out of me. I’m trying to grow hair not lose it so I stopped using it right away and could NOT get my back, some guarantee they offer. That’s why I say don’t believe everything you hear because the hair loss products will say “no side effects” or “Money Back Guarantee” but it’s not true.

I settled on ProFollica because the ingredients are 100% all natural and specifically designed to stop thinning hair and hair loss. The best part was the fact that my receding hairline started growing back. No other product I could find could this! This is truly a revolutionary new product just for that reason alone.

How It Works

As part of my ProFollica review I discovered that it’s made with natural DHT blockers made from many strong plant extracts. This is very important because it stops follicle miniaturization resulting in increased hair growth. This is why it worked so well for me. It stopped the hair loss and thinning hair in my receding hair line and vertex of my scalp.

It now uses a two part approach which is very effective in giving your hair follicles the best possible chance for hair regrowth. The two stages include a hair loss vitamins, a topical solution called the “Gel Activator”. These were specifically formulated with proven ingredients to grow hair. The ProFollica formulation was designed with just the right amount of each to achieve maximum results by first blocking DHT, raising blood circulation and stimulating the hair follicles into growth. See a complete list of ProFollica ingredients.

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My ProFollica Results

Hair regrowth was visible within 3 months for me. After 1 full year I really had my hair back fuller thicker and darker. It has been 19 months since I started ProFollica and the results are truly amazing for me.

I have to admit I still have gray hair as it didn’t seem to help in that area I had to use a separate product called Greyban to help with that. I have always kept my hair short and was just about to have it cut when I took the latest photo for my before and after pictures because you can really see the results better.

My ProFollica before and after pictures

ProFollica Before and After Pictures

Negative ProFollica Reviews

It’s not all great ProFollica reviews so I’ll share some of that negative aspects I encountered.

The first thing I have to say is it sure took a long time for me to see these kind of results. Yes I did start to see visible hair growth within three week which I have to say was very inspiring and gave me the motivation to continue. Had I not see results I may not have continued. My advice is to stick with it the results will come.

Next was the cost, I have spent a lot on my hair but if you have ever experience thinning or hair loss before it is sure worth it, at least it was to me.

My hair didn’t seem to grow back in evenly either. I still had patches that grew back in later on. How I got around it was I kept my hair very short, a lot shorter that my picture at the top.

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You have to at least try ProFollica you will be glad you did.


32 Responses to ProFollica Review

  1. Thanks for sending me additional Profollica before after pictures. I am glad I chose this product and look forward to the same results you have.

  2. hameed says:

    hi !! I’m 19 years old . I lost my 40% of hair . Will profollica help me to bring my frontal hairs back ? Pls reply em waiting fa ur reply

    • ProFollica says:

      Hair loss can be caused by many different causes. Once you know the cause you can treat it. ProFollica is used for thinning hair and hair loss caused by DHT build up. It is scientifically proven to work.

    • sagar says:

      My problem is hair loss in the front so I by profollica and it works. Thanks for showing me.

  3. Bipin says:

    am 22 years old..and suffering from hair loss is this product is worth full can any one guide me please..?..which product is more helpful..

  4. Naseer says:

    Hi, I am26 years of age, I started losing hair at age 18 due to Accutane ( acne medicine) and I noticed that my hair would fall and with in 5 months i was Bald. So I went to the Dermatologist to help me with my hair, the same Doctor then put me on Propecia, and Propecia worked, my hair came thick and strong, but it had Side Effects like depression, mood changes, etc. So i stopped that, my hair got lost again, then 5 years later I found Profollica, I just finished my first month of it. Starting the second one today. And I can see my hair growing and turning black. especially on the frontal area and the mid section. I also watch what i eat. eat a lot of salmon, vegetables, exercise, profollica is really worth it. give it a shot, especially since it is money back guranteed. peace.

  5. izhar says:

    profollica men and women are same or different? women can use profollica or not. this is safe for women or not. and where can i find this in pakistan

    • ProFollica says:

      Yes it is very effective for men and women with thinning hair. It’s a natural hair loss product that helps prevent DHT build up in women which is the #1 cause of thinning hair in women.

  6. aleena says:

    i am a girl of 22agr and suffering hair loss should i try profollica? is it good for me or i found profollica men from where i get profollica women? kindly tell me is that same kit or profollica women are different.

    • ProFollica says:

      Yes women can use ProFollica. It has been working great for many of my Female customers. It’s all natural and works on the main cause of thinning hair in women, DHT.

      You are very young to have have thinning hair. I would recommend that you consult your doctor as the cause needs to be established to understand how to treat it.

  7. aleena says:

    yes i consult it with my dr i am suffering from high tsh my tsh is 5.1 and t4 t3 are normal should i use profollica?

  8. matt says:

    i just noticed my hair has started thinning….please can profollica help?

    • ProFollica says:

      Any type of hair loss requires a proper diagnosis before treatment to determine the true cause. It’s best to start it right away before the hair follicle die or it will be too late. ProFollica works on many types of hair loss causes and we have much “Positive” feedback about it.

  9. matt says:

    Thanks for replying quickly. I just ordered profollica, but i am so shocked at the little individual reviews on the internet about peoples opinion on the effectiveness of profollica.

  10. matt says:

    Hi profollica, i have used the product for 2 weeks now, but my hair is still thinning and falling off. Please how long should i wait to see the hair to stop thinning and falling off

    • ProFollica says:

      Hey Matt,

      Any product you use should be used for a minimum of 6 months. Most times people will still see hair fall within the first few weeks but everyone is different and the causes of thinning hair or “Sudden Hair Fall” can be different. Without knowing your exact diagnosis I can only speculate as to your root cause for thinning hair. What I can tell you is that many ProFollica users have seen great results within weeks. My suggestion would be to consider the many causes of hair loss which include, medications, diet, health issues like under or over active Thyroid health etc. If you feel ProFollica is not working for you after 3 months I recommend you consult your doctor as 98% of ProFollica users see some type of results within his time frame.

  11. bala says:

    what is the cost of this product and how to get this product in chennai and my problem is i have a baldness in backside of head can profollica will cure this in that particular spot hair is not thick and regrowing and overall my hair is very thin can profollica will definitely work pls reply

    • ProFollica says:

      ProFollica works on the vertex but you need to catch it early before the hair follicles actually die off. The follicles become thinner and thinner until they die and ProFollica can reverse this affect.

  12. george says:

    Been using for a few weeks but the smell of yhe activator gel is really strong and nit very nice did I get a bad bottle or is the smell really this bad?

    • ProFollica says:

      That’s really what it smells like because it made with all natural ingredients and our ProFollica is all natural and Dr. approved. Dr. Dave David is a cosmetic surgeon and he emailed me saying it’s fine!

  13. Hussein fedil Taha says:

    I am 57 years ,have a problem of baldness, when I watch it tv. I dont believe but I want to get information .My upper head is balded. there are small scaterd hair. if your medcine gives me asolution ,I am ready to start.But I need guarantee.
    thank you

    • ProFollica says:

      ProFollica works great on the top of the head. There is a full 60 day guarantee! It’s worth it to try it out!

  14. Chris says:

    Hi, who can i chat to regarding adding your products and services on my website?

    Chris – 083 573 0671

    • ProFollica says:

      Chris we would love to have you as an affiliate and you can sign up for free and start selling our ProFollica on your website right away.

      Sign up HERE

      We will pay a whopping 30% commission on every sale. Thanks for asking!!

  15. arun kuamr says:

    how the cost of proflilica pruduct

  16. Brendan Sculley says:

    Hi, I’m 36 and was here on you site about 3 months ago. After looking at profollica for awhile I bought it to use on my receding hairline because there wasn’t anything else I looked at that said it could grow hair in the area. I tried it for a month on and off to honest with not much for results and I though here we go I go scammed! lol. My brother came to see me from Toronto for the first time in about 6 months and he asked about my hair, he noticed it looked like it grew back. I’m so excited i just had to let you guys know your product works it really does. I just bought another 6 month supply Thanks.

  17. DP says:

    I’ve had too many hair transplants in the past which amounted to getting little transplanted hairs at one setting, over periods of time. This meant, more and more of the donor area getting diminished. The little hairs that I have I’m sure are the transplanted hairs that stayed. Wasted money! Anyway, it’s been years, maybe like more than 10, since my last transplant. Will Profollica help with mostly bald heads or people who are just thinning?

    • ProFollica says:

      Profollica can prevent further hair loss and stop the scalp from thinning. in many cases people think the hair follicles are dead but just because the hair is not visible doesn’t the hair follicle are dead! Starting to take hair loss vitamins is th first step and then blocking DHT is the next but you need to get started right away. Once the hair follicle are truly dead then no there is nothing that can be done naturally like using Profollica.

  18. kiruthikpranav says:

    hai doctor,
    i am kiruthik 29 age from india, tamil nadu state, my problem is genetic hair loss. Top head baldness but gap hairs with thinnig hair on top scalp and front both side. I am not married sir. more than girls are rejected in married i was very heartly feel in my baldness so please giveing best result of madicine sir. i saw your hair regrowth system formula in online i have belive your profollica product. i want natural regrowth my hair please sir. Because my parents are try to search my life partner. I have belive you are understood my feeling ……

  19. Stan says:

    I am a 39 yearl old man. I have been using Profollica( Gel and Pill only, not sampoo) for two months. Although my hair falling stopped after three weeks. I didnt see any new hair. Some time i feel irritation on my eyes when I use the gel. I use gel and pills twice a day. In the morning and night. I have already lost 50 % of hair.
    I have both issues, grew hair and hair falls. I guess, I lost my hair because of hair dye since I have been using hair dye from my 22 years old.
    Now I stoped in dying my hair after I started to use Profollica. I just want to know how long should I use it to see full result? Can I use hair dye while using Profollica?

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